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About us

Who We Are

During many years of working for top tech companies we realized what they all have in common - delivering good software with minimum number of bugs.
Code 4 tag was founded as a software house because we decided that it is time to start helping other software companies to deliver highest quality products and to share our experience with them.
We strongly focus on shiping your products on time and with the best results. We have experience, we are driven by passion because we love to code!

What We Do

We can help you to grow with

  • Scrum & agile processes
  • Testing software
  • Quality control for web application
  • We have over 15 years of exprience with building web applications, full stack python and open source
  • Networking, backend or frontend. We know how
  • Maintain legacy products
  • Improve, rewrie, refactor or prototype
  • From concept to ready shipped product!

Our Services


Software is not only about hacking. Prototyping is the key to success.


Agile is our every day life. We plan. We build. We ship. We deliver.

App Design

Code, build, test, deploy, reapeat. High availability is the goal.


We use latest open source tools to help you save money and be always updated.


Not only shipping projects is the most important part. You must be aware when there is a fire.


We know how to scale and not to ruin your budget


AWS, Openshift, Google, Docker, Kubernetes. We have know-how for you.


When each dot leads to the big picture and granuality control matters.

What we like to use

What our clients say

Whenever there is a chance I want to work with those people again.

Gorge Derreck
Owner, Axing.

Working with code 4 tag is the thing. Those guys know what they are doing.

John O'Connor
Team leader, Codibility LLC.

They are helping me to deliver important project. Always have the answers. That's what I like.

Marek Kubacki

Contact us

If you want to to know more please get in touch with us - we will help.

Dworcowa 4,
55-120 Oborniki Slaskie, Poland


+48 71 387 33 54
+48 691 209 008